3 headed dead body
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Likes photography, coffee, rainy days, bunnies, internet, reading, music all day, being alone, walk alone, microscope living things, crystals, deep sea creatures, explosions, lonely places and landscapes, ruins (ancient and actual ruins), a nice piece of art, good architecture, when the nature invades buildings, planets, stars, nebulas, black holes, galaxies and all sort of deep space stuff... that's what I can think for the moment. I'll finish this list later
3 headed dead body

Earth's Oldest Living Things Immortalized in Stunning Photos

Photographer Rachel Sussman traveled the planet for a decade in search of organisms that have witnessed thousands of years of history.

Sussman endured leech bites, coral stings, a broken wrist, a solo drive along the Pan-American Highway and a rocky crossing of the Drake Passage. Along the way, she encountered 5,500-year-old Antarctic moss, 80,000-year-old aspen colonies and 100,000-year-old underwater meadows of sea grass.

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